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Leapcell: Your elastic, intuitive, and collaborative cloud.

Leapcell is an intuitive, elastic hosting platform that manages your databases and applications while facilitating effortless collaboration, enabling you to focus more on your iterations.

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鈥淲ith Leapcell, build an elastic, intuitive, and collaborative backend.鈥

Leapcell Table

A database with a spreadsheet-like admin, low-latency API, and a built-in search engine.

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Leapcell Applicaiton

A serverless service: rapid build, swift ship, and seamless scaling.






Build your Blog with Leapcell in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Create a Leapcell Database
  2. Write and Push Blog Code to GitHub
  3. Deploy on Leapcell App
  4. Open the Blog HTTP Trigger URL
  5. Update Blog Data
  6. View Changes

Create a Leapcell Database

You can edit a database as easily as a spreadsheet.


Rapid Shipping and Cost Efficiency

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Exceptional Performance

We prioritize peak performance, ensuring cold starts in 500ms and subsequent responses in 10ms.

Flexible Scaling

Scale to zero for cost savings during low traffic and instantly scale to thousands during peak traffic.

Comprehensive Observability

Optimize your app's quality with robust log and metrics support for an excellent experience.

Diverse Trigger Options

Leapcell supports multiple trigger types, including HTTP, Cron

Intuitive Interface

Leapcell Table offers a user-friendly interface inspired by Airtable, ensuring effortless data modification.

Built-in Search Engine

Swiftly search through your data with Leapcell Table's integrated search engine, enhancing accessibility.

Scalable Capacity

Effortlessly manage millions of records, allowing seamless handling of massive datasets.

High Performance

Experience rapid CRUD responses, ensuring swift data management with a response time under 50ms.

Empower Your Data, Collaborate for Insights.

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Leapcell is in Beta, all service is free, we will provide a free tier after Beta. and we would charge for some service in the future.


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